BlackSheep Bravo is a psychological/social experiment developed by former U.S. Marine and author, Anthony Chapa. The objective is to create an avenue/community for military personnel, military Veterans and first responders to express individual messages by way of producing videos, commentary talk shows and incorporation of merchandising. The videos are delivered by way of Facebook and YouTube. Our influencers provide the much needed distraction from the symptoms associated with PTSD, depression and other conditions.

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BlackSheep Bravo Network

On this page, we help non-profits, charities, and fundraisers sell their merchandise to raise proceeds for their cause. 


​​These shirts will be shipped by Colin's Chance to Conquer Memorial Foundation, INC.

For more information, contact Brian Mosley or Colins Chance To Conquer Memorial Foundation Inc.

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If you would like to run a T-Shirt Campaign for your organization here on our website please fill out the quote form with your request. Please know that it could take 4 to 6 weeks to set up the campaign depending on artwork and printing options. 

Each year the Hobart Police Department raises funds to donate to Operation Combat Bikesaver, INC. 501(c)(3)

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At Operation Combat Bikesaver we build bikes with Heroes for Heroes.

At NO COST to the participant and they get to keep the finished products.

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